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These days the current soap opera (or as my wife calls them, Telenovelas), is not on television; nor is it in the latest book from Harlequin. It is not even found in reality television.

It is our political system.

The biggest enemy to a candidate is not the attack ads run by his opponent. It is not even the skeleton that hangs in the candidate’s closet, though some candidates have many.

It is the whispers from the ranks of his own party.

It is a given that should you stand for something you are bound to have enemies. A candidate for office with no detractors, with no enemies, is the sign of a candidate that has never felt the need to take a hard stance on their belief system.

If you are the party’s nominee, or if you are a party official, there will be those that want your position or feel that you in your spot somehow impedes their upward motion. They know as well as anyone else, that airing the party’s laundry in public would only serve to divide.

So they have a better plan.

They Whisper

In public, they mention people without saying their names but dropping a big enough hint that without a doubt everyone knows who they are talking about. In private they use nuggets of truth embellished with lies.

They know that one, their opponent will either not answer publically letting those think the lies are truths and lose faith in the person. They also realize that if the person responds they can become the ultimate troll. They can go down a rabbit hole of stories and flights of fancy and those watching will be disgusted with both parties.

If that doesn’t work, they go nuclear. They do their dirt in private.

With text, messenger. and all the other vehicles that exist in this century it becomes easy to launch the whisper war. You take your nugget of truth and spin it and expand on it to where it is just enough truth to be plausible, but filled with enough lies to be damning to the subject.

They are never started by members of the other party, they are always started by fellow party members. The venom and hate are always stronger amongst friends than enemies.

They have no shame, anything is in play; they will edit facebook messages you have had with them, showing the most damning parts to you will hiding or erasing the venom the used. They will love to play the victim.

They put as much dirty laundry out to completely destroy their opponents. They are the assasin without the gun. Their weapon of choice is the poison pen.

To them, there is only one end game. Not to win the race, or to cause the target to walk away in disgust.

They are only happy when they completely and totally destroy the other person.

They feel a narcissistic need to absolutely destroy the other person. And then gloat about it.

I have to admit that in my years in politics, I have been part of these. You cannot be in politics and not have been exposed to it.

I am the victim of several whisper campaigns.

Currently, I hold the position of Secretary of the Orange County Texas Democratic Party. Becuase I stood up to a candidate that was placed on the ballot illegally. Well, he is on the ballot through a loophole in the law. He felt that he did not have to pay even when called out on. He only paid when the party threatened to remove him anyway.

Since then, he and his small circle of friends have launched an unrelenting whisper campaign against me and the party that threatens to destroy it completely. Their whispers are ones that even Alex Jones would have trouble believing.

Before I go on, I am going to do something they have refused to, I am going to name them. So you see Mr. Mark Carter, Mr. Donald Brown, Mr. Marcus Wilkerson and, Mrs. Carol Edwards, I have let you spin your poison on my with impunity long enough.

It was acceptable when I was the sole target. I could bear that storm.

But you have accused the local and state party of being part of a conspiracy to carry out a vendetta. You have been slinging mud on my friends, you have even made laughable allegations about campaign and election fraud.

Most of all, you have been party to attacks on my faith and on my wife.

Neither of which I am going to take.

But to fight this pack of useless lies that you have spun, I will release every facebook message, every text, every email that we have exchanged. Every peice of party record that is not vital to the operation of the party will  be shared. It will be shared online for everyone and anyone to access. Links will be sent to the appropriate legal authority so they may ascertain the legality of your acts.

I know that when the facts are shared for what they are, your lies will be exposed to the world for what they are.

Back to what I was saying. This whisper campaign is the campaign Trump won on. How many times did he say “people are saying,” right before whatever lie he was about to spin.

My point is, we must not allow the whisper to divide us or destroy us. If a person is sharing “facts” that they would normally not say in public, you can be sure that they are false. If a person is unwilling or unable to share facts to back up their allegations, they are most likely false.

Our Republic and our very national identity are being eroded on every level by the campaign of the whisper. The only way to combat it is through the truth and by demanding those who strangle our political system through the whisper be relegated to the shadows where they hide.