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The year they Drove Old Glory Down

Our nation is in trouble.

That sadly is an understatement.

We no longer live in the nation we loved. The rights that we have long cherished are now a fading memory.

Thanks to the Reich Wing, the NRA and the First Church of the Tea Party, we can say one thing.

2018 might be the year they drove Old Glory Down.

I know that I want to be optimistic.  I see that the Administration has a popularity rating below that of poo and the IRS. But then again we have a Republican Congress that has a single digit popularity rating for the last three election cycles but the same Anti-American Rhetoric and Hate is returned again and again.

We see African Americans disenfranchised, Women robbed of their rights and their Dignity, Hispanic families living in fear that their last name and the color of their skin will cause law enforcement forced by bigoted laws to stop them and intimidate them. We see the LGBT community once again facing being forced to hide again for fear of retribution and persecution.

We see our children, our elderly and our infirm…the weakest of our society, tossed aside to fend for themselves or die discarded like yesterday’s garbage.

This has been happening at the hand of Conservatives for years. Yet the American People are not standing up in the one area that they need to,

The Ballot Box.

We can have million person marches protesting this administration.

We can have all the hashtags and all the facebook likes we want.

We can be the social media warriors that the Reich Wing cannot handle.

But they beat us where it counts. We don’t vote.

We are cowards where it counts.

We do not vote.

We talk a good game with our #resistance hashtags and our #notmypresident declarations

So we need to make a choice.

We can let them Drive Old Glory into the dust. We can watch as they dismantle over two centuries of hard-earned civil rights. All while complaining about it online. But handing our lives and our nation over to the darkest and most evil amongst us

Or we can fight where it counts. We can elect leaders that do listen, that does represent our values.

Voices in the street are not enough. Bodies in the ballot booth will save us from bodies in the morgue.

Where did America go?

I love my country. I am a patriot.

I think that as far as nations with potential, as far as nations that have been founded by noble goals and ideals, the United States of America was founded on a revolution that has never ended.

That everyone was created equal.

America is synonymous with equal rights, with freedom from persecution, with the freedom to be you without fear of oppression.

Where did America go?

America is the nation of amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties. Today we have companies polluting with impunity. We are destroying our ecological future; turning the grain fields into glowing fields of toxic waste and stripping mining those purple mountain tops for the coal.

Where did America go?


fourfreedomsSweet land of liberty. Stirring words; a land that you are supposed to be able to cast off the bonds of persecution, to worship, or not, in a  manner you see fit. To marry who you want. To be able to go out into public without fear of the police stopping you for the color of your skin or what you look like. The shining city on the hill, an example to other nations.

Today, we see state legislatures strip citizens of rights because their religious bigotry insists on it. A nation that bans entry to a person simply because of the god he prays to. A nation that suggests that only those who look, think and act like them are the only real Americans. The tyrants that America fought in World War Two are now our elected officials.


Where did America go?

It is funny in a sick way, that the very people that are destroying this laboratory of democracy, have stolen the images of our Founding Fathers; have taken our symbols in a perversion that borderlines on a religion, the Church of the Tea Party.

The very people that scream freedom, push to take it from others. The very people that talk about “Making America Great Again” are destroying the very soul of the nation that made it great.

We the People should mean something

<note: this originally appeared on my older blog on July 4, 2017,>

Another Independence Day is here.

We are carrying forth that idea of self-determination and freedom. A day where our Founding Fathers in one unified voice, said that the United States of America should be a free and independent nation.

What would they say about the state of affairs over two centuries later?

I for one would say that they would be horrified at what they would see being done in their name.

When they decided to use the opening three words of “We the People,” they understood the meaning of those words.

Our Founding Fathers wanted the Constitution to be a contract between the American people and the Federal Government. They curbed the power of the states radically from the Articles of Confederation. That was not a mistake, it was deliberate. The power of this government comes from the consent of the governed. In recent years the several states have conspired to usurp the voice of the people.

When they said, “to form a more perfect union,” they meant a nation free of the squabbles between the states that so many Tea Party advocates relish. Washington, Madison, and Company wrote that they did not expect that their descendants would relish tearing it apart.


When they said, “establish justice,” they did not mean for the White Christian sect only. They meant justice for all citizens.  Too often you hear the argument of this nation being founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. My response, and? When they wrote the Constitution in 1789, they never once considered codifying the Bible. They wanted the exact opposite. Today the United States is home to every religion on Earth. Their freedoms are just as protected.

On the note of establishing justice, the Founding Fathers were not perfect. They lived in an age where slavery was legal and women had no rights. We do not. We live in an era where everyone is entitled to equal protection. You cannot pick and choose who gets those rights. The most sickening perversion of our nation is those that use our heritage to discriminate against people that scare them.

And let’s be honest, the discrimination of minorities, the disabled, the woman, the LGBT and the non-Christian believers of all other faiths and no faiths stems from fear. The irrational fears that are the result of Reich Wing propaganda and paranoia.

Your fear is not grounds to allow hate.


Ensure domestic tranquility. When you have over 30,000 gun related deaths a year because you have a fantasy of living in the wild west, you are not living up to the promise of the Constitution. The Second Amendment talks about a “well-regulated militia” not a bunch of paranoid wannabe heroes praying for an excuse to be Dirty Harry.

How tranquil is our nation when entire segments of the population live in fear of the same police officers that have sworn to protect them?

Provide for the common defense.  A no-brainer. That does not mean the defense of big oil to expand its access to oil fields, but true national emergencies. I believe in a strong military, I just do not like it used as the acquisitions department of Haliburton.

Promote the general welfare. How can we say that we are promoting the general welfare when nearly 80 percent of Americans live close or under the Poverty line? How are we promoting the general welfare when a significant portion of our nation is unable to seek medical care because we callously say we do not want to be inconvenienced to take care of our fellow citizen?

How are we providing for the general welfare when we consider children starving, the elderly unable to pay for heat in the dead of winter, our education system starved to the point of encouraging ignorance and the powers that be blame the middle and lower classes for the generational poverty that they created to save a couple percent on their taxes.

How can you call yourselves patriots when you would see a fellow American starve just to save a few dollars on your income tax? How can you callously put a price on another man’s head?

Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity… are we securing the blessing of liberty when we lock so many of our fellow citizens into jobs that leave them in poverty? When we make a person work for starvation wages to keep medical insurance? How free are you truly when you are ghosts in the machine? What joy of freedom can a person expect when they are considered disposable by their bosses, their government, and their fellow citizens?

How are we securing this for our children when we have leaders that ignore sound science because their donors have a vested interest in fossil fuels and pollution? When we wreck the economy for risky trickle down economics and the environment to allow companies to pollute at will, how can we say we are doing anything for them?

Despite the protestations of the far Reich, the Consitution is not the yoke of tyranny. It is the voice of the people. We have allowed it to be perverted to silence us. We have allowed the gift of our Founding Fathers to become a nightmare of the corrupt.

This Independence Day, declare your Independence. Stand up to those that have stolen your nation under the guise of “Making America Great Again.”