These days the current soap opera (or as my wife calls them, Telenovelas), is not on television; nor is it in the latest book from Harlequin. It is not even found in reality television.

It is our political system.

The biggest enemy to a candidate is not the attack ads run by his opponent. It is not even the skeleton that hangs in the candidate’s closet, though some candidates have many.

It is the whispers from the ranks of his own party.

It is a given that should you stand for something you are bound to have enemies. A candidate for office with no detractors, with no enemies, is the sign of a candidate that has never felt the need to take a hard stance on their belief system.

If you are the party’s nominee, or if you are a party official, there will be those that want your position or feel that you in your spot somehow impedes their upward motion. They know as well as anyone else, that airing the party’s laundry in public would only serve to divide.

So they have a better plan.

They Whisper

In public, they mention people without saying their names but dropping a big enough hint that without a doubt everyone knows who they are talking about. In private they use nuggets of truth embellished with lies.

They know that one, their opponent will either not answer publically letting those think the lies are truths and lose faith in the person. They also realize that if the person responds they can become the ultimate troll. They can go down a rabbit hole of stories and flights of fancy and those watching will be disgusted with both parties.

If that doesn’t work, they go nuclear. They do their dirt in private.

With text, messenger. and all the other vehicles that exist in this century it becomes easy to launch the whisper war. You take your nugget of truth and spin it and expand on it to where it is just enough truth to be plausible, but filled with enough lies to be damning to the subject.

They are never started by members of the other party, they are always started by fellow party members. The venom and hate are always stronger amongst friends than enemies.

They have no shame, anything is in play; they will edit facebook messages you have had with them, showing the most damning parts to you will hiding or erasing the venom the used. They will love to play the victim.

They put as much dirty laundry out to completely destroy their opponents. They are the assasin without the gun. Their weapon of choice is the poison pen.

To them, there is only one end game. Not to win the race, or to cause the target to walk away in disgust.

They are only happy when they completely and totally destroy the other person.

They feel a narcissistic need to absolutely destroy the other person. And then gloat about it.

I have to admit that in my years in politics, I have been part of these. You cannot be in politics and not have been exposed to it.

I am the victim of several whisper campaigns.

Currently, I hold the position of Secretary of the Orange County Texas Democratic Party. Becuase I stood up to a candidate that was placed on the ballot illegally. Well, he is on the ballot through a loophole in the law. He felt that he did not have to pay even when called out on. He only paid when the party threatened to remove him anyway.

Since then, he and his small circle of friends have launched an unrelenting whisper campaign against me and the party that threatens to destroy it completely. Their whispers are ones that even Alex Jones would have trouble believing.

Before I go on, I am going to do something they have refused to, I am going to name them. So you see Mr. Mark Carter, Mr. Donald Brown, Mr. Marcus Wilkerson and, Mrs. Carol Edwards, I have let you spin your poison on my with impunity long enough.

It was acceptable when I was the sole target. I could bear that storm.

But you have accused the local and state party of being part of a conspiracy to carry out a vendetta. You have been slinging mud on my friends, you have even made laughable allegations about campaign and election fraud.

Most of all, you have been party to attacks on my faith and on my wife.

Neither of which I am going to take.

But to fight this pack of useless lies that you have spun, I will release every facebook message, every text, every email that we have exchanged. Every peice of party record that is not vital to the operation of the party will  be shared. It will be shared online for everyone and anyone to access. Links will be sent to the appropriate legal authority so they may ascertain the legality of your acts.

I know that when the facts are shared for what they are, your lies will be exposed to the world for what they are.

Back to what I was saying. This whisper campaign is the campaign Trump won on. How many times did he say “people are saying,” right before whatever lie he was about to spin.

My point is, we must not allow the whisper to divide us or destroy us. If a person is sharing “facts” that they would normally not say in public, you can be sure that they are false. If a person is unwilling or unable to share facts to back up their allegations, they are most likely false.

Our Republic and our very national identity are being eroded on every level by the campaign of the whisper. The only way to combat it is through the truth and by demanding those who strangle our political system through the whisper be relegated to the shadows where they hide.

Star Spangled Troubles

(note, this blog was originally posted on an older blog on mine on 8, October 2017)

I must begin with apologizing for my lengthy absence.

Between Hurrican Harvey and some health problems, it became a bit of a problem to try and keep up with the day’s events.

Between Puerto Rico, the idiot- in -Cheif and all his Tweets, North Korea, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria just to name a few, it was maddening. I saw a PResident call an entire state (say what you want, Puerto Rico has earned that star with the blood, sweat, and tears of the people of that island. To deny they are American is to deny Texas or Hawaii is American)

Then put against the backdrop of the National Anthem NFL Debacle and Charlottesville, it started to become attractive to just turn and walk away.

I used to wonder how the freedom loving Germans felt while Hitler rose to power, how they could turn a blind eye. The last month taught me. There are times in which you just need to turn off that part of your mind for self-preservation. Where you need to escape before the madness consumes you.

I was at that point. That I had to find a place to seek refuge before I went mad.

Then came my heart attack, and being life-flighted to a local hospital (that is for another blog post)

While I was in the hospital, I had the fun of being in ICU and seeing Jeff Sessions say that it is okay to fire a person simply because they are homosexual.

Then on my last night in the hospital, I saw a return of the white supremacists to Charlottesville.

Since the President had called an NFL player a “son of a bitch” for kneeling in silent protest, I expected the same of Herr Groppenfuehrer.

But of course, there was complete silence. The Twitterer in Cheif felt that these fine people were correct in their support of Nazism.

We are used to hearing Der Cheeto siding with the wrong side of history. We are used to Herr Groppenfuehrer destroying the image of America being the land of the free and the home of the brave. He and his Reich Wing have forever stained the image of America being the bastion of civil and individual liberty.

These days I wonder if he is building the wall to keep Mexicans out, or in preparation for having to keep our citizens in.

The disappointing things are, the disheartening thing is…

So many in this country accept it, cheer it, support it.

american idiots

The right has become the bully cheer section of the new American Fascist Movement. All they are missing is the “Seig Heil” in their #MAGA hashtags. They have gone from unwitting dupes to co-conspirators to the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So excuse me when I have trouble standing for an Anthem and a flag that now seeks to destroy me and all I love.

I am a medically disabled atheist with a Black Hispanic wife, I know that to the Reich Wing, I am what is wrong with America. I know that given their way, I would be left to die. Maybe even encouraged or helped along. No amount of spin doctoring can hide the hate any longer.

So why should I or any other American stand in respect for a nation that will not stand for my rights?

Why should I honor a flag and a nation that despises me for who I am? Who despises my family? Who despises my very existence?

Why honor when honor is not returned?

At the end of the day, all I can say to those that find standing for the national anthem so important:

Do NOT expect the rest of us to stand for the national anthem and show respect for a country that cannot stand for our rights and liberties that flag used to represent.

The year they Drove Old Glory Down

Our nation is in trouble.

That sadly is an understatement.

We no longer live in the nation we loved. The rights that we have long cherished are now a fading memory.

Thanks to the Reich Wing, the NRA and the First Church of the Tea Party, we can say one thing.

2018 might be the year they drove Old Glory Down.

I know that I want to be optimistic.  I see that the Administration has a popularity rating below that of poo and the IRS. But then again we have a Republican Congress that has a single digit popularity rating for the last three election cycles but the same Anti-American Rhetoric and Hate is returned again and again.

We see African Americans disenfranchised, Women robbed of their rights and their Dignity, Hispanic families living in fear that their last name and the color of their skin will cause law enforcement forced by bigoted laws to stop them and intimidate them. We see the LGBT community once again facing being forced to hide again for fear of retribution and persecution.

We see our children, our elderly and our infirm…the weakest of our society, tossed aside to fend for themselves or die discarded like yesterday’s garbage.

This has been happening at the hand of Conservatives for years. Yet the American People are not standing up in the one area that they need to,

The Ballot Box.

We can have million person marches protesting this administration.

We can have all the hashtags and all the facebook likes we want.

We can be the social media warriors that the Reich Wing cannot handle.

But they beat us where it counts. We don’t vote.

We are cowards where it counts.

We do not vote.

We talk a good game with our #resistance hashtags and our #notmypresident declarations

So we need to make a choice.

We can let them Drive Old Glory into the dust. We can watch as they dismantle over two centuries of hard-earned civil rights. All while complaining about it online. But handing our lives and our nation over to the darkest and most evil amongst us

Or we can fight where it counts. We can elect leaders that do listen, that does represent our values.

Voices in the street are not enough. Bodies in the ballot booth will save us from bodies in the morgue.


I am going to have to break one of my own rules here.

Well, partly.

As you well know, I refuse to speak of Trumpamort for I refuse to give him or his cohorts the free advertising that happens in search engines when keywords are used.

However, this blog is not about him. Though I bet he thought it was about him.

This blog is about his army of mind numb, Reich wing supporters.

In the last election, Reich Wing Fake News coined a phrase that is now used as a term of derision for liberals and progressives.


The idea that when faced with adversity or things that did not help them live in their safe place, they melted. The idea that somehow, someway, liberals were these easily offended people.

Funny thing is, it is nowhere near true.

If you are willing to protest with tens of thousands of others to redress government tyranny and corruption, you are not weak.

If you are willing to stand up and champion an idea you believe in, you are not weak.

If you are willing to accept people the way they are, you are not weak.

Which brings me to the real cry babies in America.


The Trumpflake.

They spent 8 years losing their shit because a black man was president. They bought every conspiracy line about his being foreign born and a Muslim. None of which was true.

They opposed health care from that President that they now beg the current administration and Congress to not take away. They opposed it simply because the Reich Wing fake news cycle called it socialism. Even though the ACA had markets where people could buy insurance from private companies and required insurers to compete for your business.

They lose their wigs if they see same sex couples holding hands, and they act as if the End of Times is here if those same couples can marry.

You see the diatribes by the spin firm of Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly about pretend “wars” on Christmas, imagined assaults on Christianity and pretend assaults on Whites. No outrage is too small for these gas bags to play the victim card.

And they do it so well.

Let a biracial or same sex couple be featured in ANY advertising anywhere and it is an affront to them and they talk immediately about boycotting anything that might offend the young impressionable minds before they can be fully indoctrinated in their Reich Wing Cult.

In the 60s they lost their shit if blacks and whites shared the same water fountain, restroom, lunch counter or bus. Today they talk about a return to those “simpler times.”

They are terrified of change, terrified of people who do not look like them, act like them, pray like them, or hate like them.

They demand a return to a safe place where they can clutch their pacifiers and be free to cry about how they are hated on, when in fact, they feel that anything that prevents their right to discriminate, persecute, lynch or oppress violates their religious rights.

They throw a temper tantrum when they do not get their way. Remember, Trumpflakes were ready to secede from the United States because their candidate lost.

They are in essence, big bullies that want to take their toys and go home whenever someone stands up to them.

Trumpflakes exemplify conservative dissonace.

And I think that it is beyond time we give them their bottle and put them down for their naps.

Discussing Politics with a Pigeon

There is an old internet adage,

Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon… No matter how good you are the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyway.

In this modern world of dealing with conservative dissonance and Trumpflakes, there are more pigeons than ever that are destroying the pieces and strutting around the board.

It really does not matter what the topic is; they know all the answers, have all the facts (any facts that disprove theirs, of course, is “fake news.” Sad.) and have reached an unshakable conclusion that no amount of facts will sway.

Affordable Healthcare. (peck, peck, strut) socialism. Even though they have no clue how it works, that there are mountains of proof showing that states who expanded health care are seeing lower costs than states that did not.

Gun Control, (peck, peck, strut) tyranny. More Americans die in a year from gunshots than from Islamic Terrorists killed since 9/11.

Obama, (peck, peck, strut) Kenyan Muslim. President Obama probably was the greatest president of the last quarter century, but Faux News and the spin zone of Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly (gasbags at politics) has convinced them of the very opposite.

Hillary (peck, peck, strut) criminal. She has probably been the most investigated public figure in the last twenty-five years. Not once have they found anything beyond innuendo. But her emails.

Trump (peck, peck, strut) savior. This man has bankrupted every business he started, yet to them is a businessman. He has been married 3 times yet is a good Christian family man. His family produces most of their products in Mexico and China, yet he is going to make America great again. Somehow.

These are seniors that will vote for candidates that want to end Social Security and Medicare. Teachers that vote for candidates that want to cut education. They are single issue voters that will elect any tyrant, so long as he or she shares their views on that one issue.


Once you look at the chess board and clean up the mess, you can only come to one inescapable conclusion:

No matter how much logic and proof you bring to a political discussion with a member of the Reich Wing, they will become the Pigeon you play chess with.

So why even try?

I used to enjoy political discussions with the far Reich wing. Under the hopes that a Libertarian or a far-right Republican will see the light. But it has never happened. Their logic is circular if it exists, they will decry any proof you offer as “fake news” and then call you everything from snowflake to soft on (insert topic) liberal.

I have stopped trying. You will never reach them.

Instead, I am doing my best to convince those around me that share my views, or at least are independent thinking and open enough to the facts to convince.

There are plenty of people out there that can be convinced. We are not going to win congressional or state seats by arguing with parishioners at the  First Church of the Tea Party. We are not going to save the ACA, save Social Security or Medicare or even save our nation by wasting our valuable time and oxygen on those that will not see reason.

Let them stay in their tiny and ever-shrinking bubbles convinced of their righteous cause.

We have a nation to save

How Democrats Can Win

Before anyone can pull out their claws and teeth, this is not about Hillary or Bernie.

That election is over and no arguments will change the outcome or help build a party and movement that is capable of defeating the biggest threat that American freedom has faced in over 70 years, We either move on or just concede control of our nation to the First Church of the Tea Party and Trumpski for good.

We are at the point that we either fight as one or go quietly in the night. Or as a Benjamin Franklin remarked,

“We must hang together, or we will most assuredly hang separately.”

Let me start by saying this, the Democratic Party is a big tent. We are moderates, liberals, progressives, LGBT, Civil Rights and a host of other issues and slants of ideologies.

Our binding factor is that we all believe in human rights and want a better future for our planet and our children.

We are a party of inclusion and diversity.

We must have an exchange of ideas and a spirited debate in the primary. But once the vote is tallied (and we must go to whatever lengths to ensure that there is not even a hint of backroom deals), we must move on as one party.

Which brings me to the general election and any other time we deal with people outside the party.

You know who I am talking about. The Faux News, the Breitbart’s, the Alex “alien baby” Jones and all those who peddle in their lies and derision of our party.

The gloves must come off.

Politics is bare knuckle. We are not playing some tea and crumpet show. This is a mortal fight to the finish.

Playing nice got us in this mess. Playing to be the bigger people got us in this mess.

For the last 8 years, we let the Reich Wing create a narrative of President Barrack Obama that we didn’t challenge. We let them create an image of Obama that convinced the center of America that he was Muslim, that he was selling our country down the river. We stayed quiet.

For the last 25 years, we let the Reich Wing create a narrative on Hillary Clinton. It has gotten so bad because no one fought back that we believe even the craziest of stories on her because we stayed quiet.

There is a quote from the show the West Wing that is perfect here…

“We all need some therapy, because somebody came along and said, “LIberal” means soft on crime, soft on drugs, soft on Communism, soft on defense, and we’re gonna tax you back to the Stone Age because people shouldn’t have to work if they don’t want to!” AND instead of saying, “Well, excuse me, you right-wing, reactionary, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun, Leave it to Beaver trip back to the Fifties…!”, we cowered in the corner, and said, “Please. Don’t. Hurt. Me.”

No more.

We need to fight back with fire. The other side calls out a blatant lie, we shout it out before the ink is dry on their claims. When Fox, or Beck, or Limbaugh or any of those balls of hot air make a blatant and obviously false claim, we write up a release calling them out as the real fake news and demand they defend their lies or admit they did.

Our planet, our nation, and our children all rely on us to stand up to a Goebbels-like assault on civil liberty and the truth.

We do not win races by yielding the truth to lies. Fight back, fight back hard or just go quietly into the night.

There is one other piece of advice to candidates and officeholders with that “D” behind their name. Fire your advisors who tell you that you need to sound like Republican Lite to win a race. You don’t.

You wonder where all the Democratic voters are, they are at home. Why? Because listening to you ass-kiss Republican moderates, they figured out there was no true Democrat in the race. If you feel that you cannot win standing on the platform, maybe you don’t have the pair you need to win a race.

Most of all, as Democrats we need to stop hiding. We need to stop being ashamed to say we are a Democrat. We need to stand tall, stand proud and be willing to stand toe to toe with the most racist and bigoted of Tea Partiers.

We are not at this point fighting for a seat here or a seat there. This is not a game, it is a duel for the soul of our nation.

And we need to do better than we are doing now. We need to be doing better than our best.

As Sean Connery said about “your best” in his movie, THE ROCK,

“Your Best? Losers talk about their best. Winners go home and kiss the Prom Queen.”

This nation is worth fighting for, and it is time we start doing it.

Conservative Dissonance

There is no way that even the most skeptical of conservatives still believe that the Russian Government did not have something to do with the election of he who we shall not name.

This piece is not aimed at trying to prove something happened as much as it is to point out the levels of dissonance and willful blind eye conservatives are willing to go with it. I have never seen a case of more glaring cognitive dissonance.

But let’s face it, conservative dissonance is a thing.

We have conservative dissonance on the economy. The same numbers that were great under Reagan were horrible under Clinton and Obama. Doubling the debt under Obama because the disastrous handling of the economy and unfunded wars under W was horrible while a 188% increase under Reagan was merely the cost of doing business.

A businessman who spent more time in bankruptcy court than anywhere else is a success, but a constitutional lawyer doesn’t know anything about the Constitution.

We could go on and on with a list of things that are an outrage to Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly (sounds like an ambulance chaser law firm… if you are butthurt because liberal social and economic ideas work, call us at the spin-firm of Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly and we will spin a lie to keep you from seeing the twatwaffle you really are), but that is not the conservative dissonance of the day.


It is the willful acceptance and ignorance of the potential that we have at least one if not more people holding vital Federal office thanks to the interference by a foreign power that is a mortal enemy of the United States.

Trump has all but admitted it, his son (showing us that money and privilege do NOT buy a brain) admitted it, heck even Putin has admitted it.

Yet, the Trump supporters are unwilling to even entertain the idea that they were duped to give the keys to the White House to the Kremlin.

For a long time, I thought it was ego. After all, who wants to admit that they were taken for a ride. I know that in their shoes, I would be wary of accepting that idea.

But we have gone beyond the point of just a political spin. We have gone beyond a point of reasonable doubt and have entered the realm of exactly how deep this involvement went. It is likely that we have a Republican majority in both houses and most state houses simply because of Russian involvement.

The Republican Party by refusing to even entertain the possibility or even convene a single hearing have cast themselves as part of a cover-up that goes beyond the pale. By refusing to accept any evidence or act on it, they have cast a shadow on their legitimacy to any state or national office won by the GOP in 2016.

Let’s be honest, if in 2012 there was even a HINT of foreign collusion by the Obama administration, we would have had daily hearings until January 20, 2017, and they would probably still be using electron microscopes to investigate.

Their silence on this issue is telling. Either they are putting their party over the security of the country; or they know it is true and feel that by not investigating it, that the issue will go away and they will not have to act.

In the end, by not demanding answers, by not demanding investigations, forget smoke… by not seeing the forest fire, it is not just the White House, not just Congress, but every conservative in the country that is guilty of collusion with Vladimir Putin.

But her emails, though……

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