Does the 2nd Amendment need changing?

I am probably writing my most controversial article here.

I have never hidden the fact that I am liberal on many issues and conservative on some. This is one of those issues that I find myself on not the left or right, but a common sense side.

So I am sure at the very least, I will really make most of you mad.

Let me start off by touching on the question in the title, should the Second Amendment need to be repealed or changed. I have to say categorically that I do not see a reason.

I am not going to defend my position with inane statements like it is a “god given” right; or something like we are sacrilege to even touch the works of the Founding Fathers (men who were as diverse as possible in opinions, and have been canonized by the right. They were not perfect and we need to stop pretending otherwise.)

To me, it is about practicality and common sense.

Let me start by dispelling some myths on both sides.


For those on the Right. Not every Liberal is after your guns. In fact, you would be surprised at the number of liberal-leaning Americans do own guns and probably for the same reasons you do. I know many diehard Democrats who have several guns, a CHL and are members of such organizations such as Ducks Unlimited.

Myth number two. Your guns will not prevent a totalitarian regime. Do you have any idea how insanely ridiculous you look when you post memes that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all favored gun control? Probably not. Did you know that Winston Churchill also favored gun control?

But let’s get serious for a second. Do you honestly think that the same servicemen that stand up for our nation would side with a dictatorial regime?  Do you think that lowly of our troops? They would be the first to overthrow any such thing

How can you suggest that a mentally unstable person or a person involved in domestic violence should have access to a firearm? The mentally stable person is a threat to themselves and others. Most gun deaths among women and children are at the hands of a jealous husband or boyfriend.


To my friends on the left, there are millions of perfectly sane Republicans that have a firearm for protection, for hunting, or just because they collect firearms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.

I live in the rural area of my county. That means that if I were to dial 911 or my wife would, it would be a good twenty minutes for a Sheriff’s Deputy to arrive. We would be dead if we were not allowed to have a weapon in those cases. That being taken into account, I want a gun; I want my wife to have a gun. Heck, I want my four dogs to have guns.

I grew up in a culture where guns are common. It is not uncommon for many of my neighbors to own firearms. Yet, I think we might have one murder through a gun a year at worst.

Not everyone that is pro-gun is part of a militia just waiting for the Second American Civil War.

Now that said, to those not too far to the left or right, basically, those of you still reading, it is time we tune out the rhetoric of the vocal voices on the fringe. Both sides can agree that there needs to be something to lower the gun violence rate in this nation.

We need to look at our laws as they are written and ask the following questions honestly:

  1.  Are the laws that are currently on the books adequate?
  2. Are these laws being enforced, or are they properly funded?
  3. Are we addressing Domestic Violence and Mental Health properly?
  4. Can the laws be rewritten or modified to ensure that gun violence drops?
  5. What can we do to increase gun safety training in society?

To be honest to both sides a starting point, after the gun confiscation crowd, and the “pry the guns from my cold dead hands” crowd are told to be quiet, we need to do proper studies. The CDC should be able to compile true and correct information.

From that, we must formulate a working plan that works for all sides. Let me be honest, no one will be 100 percent happy with the outcome, but a working compromise is far better than the death spiral we are in.

I will not state any of my ideas for a compromise plan, or suggestions for the solution. If we enter the answer phase with ideas and preconceived solutions, negotiations will go nowhere.

Like it or not, guns have been and are a part of our history and culture. The far left will need to accept that. The right will need to accept that fact that military-style weapons do not belong in civilian hands.

Above all, we need to look at ourselves as a society. At one point did the nation start valuing human life so cheaply? How do we fix this problem?

Our children are protesting and marching demanding we make meaningful steps; they are standing up while we bicker. What do we tell them when the next school shooting that we value them, but only offer thoughts and prayers as a solution?

They are watching, what will we do?



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