A Shot In The Dark: The Fears of A Community

I know this is a touchy subject that most elitist in power don’t want us talking about, but we as a society have to address this growing problem that is going to erupt in major street violence or all-out civil unrest against our democracy. As a long time law enforcement officer, political leader, and community activist, I am getting tired of seeing or hearing about another black or brown family shedding tears behind an unarmed loved one being gunned down from behind while their backs were turned away from those who swore to protect and serve. I even ask how these murders are even called justifiable homicide?

As Rev. Sharpton has stated; this has become more than a Black & White issue. It’s surely more than a local issue, it’s becoming a national crisis. During my travels throughout Texas, I have often stated there must be a national policy on Criminal Justice Reform created through non-partisan legislation, crafted by a national committee of both elected officials, middle-aged and younger community activist. We must eliminate this phrase “I Was In Fear Of” from police training manuals, from laws in use as a defense to prosecution, thus creating more responsibility on the engaging officer to justify his/her actions. Courts or tribunals must give equal justice to those lives lost as they give to the engaging officer(s).We must call upon family and friends, social media contacts to use their voice to call out those elected officials and judges who engage in blind justice.


CALL!!! CALL!!! CALL!!! your State and Federal House of Representatives and Senators, ask them to remove the phrase “I Was In Fear Of” as a defense to prosecution to any and all police shootings to which the shooting victim is found to be unarmed and shot in the back. Demand for this phrase be removed from law enforcement training manuals, and the conversation of national criminal justice reforms is started.

As an individual who has worn the badge for a lifetime and bled blue, I must say there has to be a better way of doing things when dealing with deadly force situations. At this pace a killing field has begun to be created in black and brown communities of America, we must reverse this course of action and stand against gun violence against our students and our unarmed citizens. So please, make the calls. We can prevent another “Shot In The Dark.”

Mayor Cedric W. Davis Sr.

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