Star Spangled Troubles

(note, this blog was originally posted on an older blog on mine on 8, October 2017)

I must begin with apologizing for my lengthy absence.

Between Hurrican Harvey and some health problems, it became a bit of a problem to try and keep up with the day’s events.

Between Puerto Rico, the idiot- in -Cheif and all his Tweets, North Korea, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria just to name a few, it was maddening. I saw a PResident call an entire state (say what you want, Puerto Rico has earned that star with the blood, sweat, and tears of the people of that island. To deny they are American is to deny Texas or Hawaii is American)

Then put against the backdrop of the National Anthem NFL Debacle and Charlottesville, it started to become attractive to just turn and walk away.

I used to wonder how the freedom loving Germans felt while Hitler rose to power, how they could turn a blind eye. The last month taught me. There are times in which you just need to turn off that part of your mind for self-preservation. Where you need to escape before the madness consumes you.

I was at that point. That I had to find a place to seek refuge before I went mad.

Then came my heart attack, and being life-flighted to a local hospital (that is for another blog post)

While I was in the hospital, I had the fun of being in ICU and seeing Jeff Sessions say that it is okay to fire a person simply because they are homosexual.

Then on my last night in the hospital, I saw a return of the white supremacists to Charlottesville.

Since the President had called an NFL player a “son of a bitch” for kneeling in silent protest, I expected the same of Herr Groppenfuehrer.

But of course, there was complete silence. The Twitterer in Cheif felt that these fine people were correct in their support of Nazism.

We are used to hearing Der Cheeto siding with the wrong side of history. We are used to Herr Groppenfuehrer destroying the image of America being the land of the free and the home of the brave. He and his Reich Wing have forever stained the image of America being the bastion of civil and individual liberty.

These days I wonder if he is building the wall to keep Mexicans out, or in preparation for having to keep our citizens in.

The disappointing things are, the disheartening thing is…

So many in this country accept it, cheer it, support it.

american idiots

The right has become the bully cheer section of the new American Fascist Movement. All they are missing is the “Seig Heil” in their #MAGA hashtags. They have gone from unwitting dupes to co-conspirators to the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So excuse me when I have trouble standing for an Anthem and a flag that now seeks to destroy me and all I love.

I am a medically disabled atheist with a Black Hispanic wife, I know that to the Reich Wing, I am what is wrong with America. I know that given their way, I would be left to die. Maybe even encouraged or helped along. No amount of spin doctoring can hide the hate any longer.

So why should I or any other American stand in respect for a nation that will not stand for my rights?

Why should I honor a flag and a nation that despises me for who I am? Who despises my family? Who despises my very existence?

Why honor when honor is not returned?

At the end of the day, all I can say to those that find standing for the national anthem so important:

Do NOT expect the rest of us to stand for the national anthem and show respect for a country that cannot stand for our rights and liberties that flag used to represent.

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