The year they Drove Old Glory Down

Our nation is in trouble.

That sadly is an understatement.

We no longer live in the nation we loved. The rights that we have long cherished are now a fading memory.

Thanks to the Reich Wing, the NRA and the First Church of the Tea Party, we can say one thing.

2018 might be the year they drove Old Glory Down.

I know that I want to be optimistic.  I see that the Administration has a popularity rating below that of poo and the IRS. But then again we have a Republican Congress that has a single digit popularity rating for the last three election cycles but the same Anti-American Rhetoric and Hate is returned again and again.

We see African Americans disenfranchised, Women robbed of their rights and their Dignity, Hispanic families living in fear that their last name and the color of their skin will cause law enforcement forced by bigoted laws to stop them and intimidate them. We see the LGBT community once again facing being forced to hide again for fear of retribution and persecution.

We see our children, our elderly and our infirm…the weakest of our society, tossed aside to fend for themselves or die discarded like yesterday’s garbage.

This has been happening at the hand of Conservatives for years. Yet the American People are not standing up in the one area that they need to,

The Ballot Box.

We can have million person marches protesting this administration.

We can have all the hashtags and all the facebook likes we want.

We can be the social media warriors that the Reich Wing cannot handle.

But they beat us where it counts. We don’t vote.

We are cowards where it counts.

We do not vote.

We talk a good game with our #resistance hashtags and our #notmypresident declarations

So we need to make a choice.

We can let them Drive Old Glory into the dust. We can watch as they dismantle over two centuries of hard-earned civil rights. All while complaining about it online. But handing our lives and our nation over to the darkest and most evil amongst us

Or we can fight where it counts. We can elect leaders that do listen, that does represent our values.

Voices in the street are not enough. Bodies in the ballot booth will save us from bodies in the morgue.

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