I am going to have to break one of my own rules here.

Well, partly.

As you well know, I refuse to speak of Trumpamort for I refuse to give him or his cohorts the free advertising that happens in search engines when keywords are used.

However, this blog is not about him. Though I bet he thought it was about him.

This blog is about his army of mind numb, Reich wing supporters.

In the last election, Reich Wing Fake News coined a phrase that is now used as a term of derision for liberals and progressives.


The idea that when faced with adversity or things that did not help them live in their safe place, they melted. The idea that somehow, someway, liberals were these easily offended people.

Funny thing is, it is nowhere near true.

If you are willing to protest with tens of thousands of others to redress government tyranny and corruption, you are not weak.

If you are willing to stand up and champion an idea you believe in, you are not weak.

If you are willing to accept people the way they are, you are not weak.

Which brings me to the real cry babies in America.


The Trumpflake.

They spent 8 years losing their shit because a black man was president. They bought every conspiracy line about his being foreign born and a Muslim. None of which was true.

They opposed health care from that President that they now beg the current administration and Congress to not take away. They opposed it simply because the Reich Wing fake news cycle called it socialism. Even though the ACA had markets where people could buy insurance from private companies and required insurers to compete for your business.

They lose their wigs if they see same sex couples holding hands, and they act as if the End of Times is here if those same couples can marry.

You see the diatribes by the spin firm of Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly about pretend “wars” on Christmas, imagined assaults on Christianity and pretend assaults on Whites. No outrage is too small for these gas bags to play the victim card.

And they do it so well.

Let a biracial or same sex couple be featured in ANY advertising anywhere and it is an affront to them and they talk immediately about boycotting anything that might offend the young impressionable minds before they can be fully indoctrinated in their Reich Wing Cult.

In the 60s they lost their shit if blacks and whites shared the same water fountain, restroom, lunch counter or bus. Today they talk about a return to those “simpler times.”

They are terrified of change, terrified of people who do not look like them, act like them, pray like them, or hate like them.

They demand a return to a safe place where they can clutch their pacifiers and be free to cry about how they are hated on, when in fact, they feel that anything that prevents their right to discriminate, persecute, lynch or oppress violates their religious rights.

They throw a temper tantrum when they do not get their way. Remember, Trumpflakes were ready to secede from the United States because their candidate lost.

They are in essence, big bullies that want to take their toys and go home whenever someone stands up to them.

Trumpflakes exemplify conservative dissonace.

And I think that it is beyond time we give them their bottle and put them down for their naps.

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