Conservative Dissonance

There is no way that even the most skeptical of conservatives still believe that the Russian Government did not have something to do with the election of he who we shall not name.

This piece is not aimed at trying to prove something happened as much as it is to point out the levels of dissonance and willful blind eye conservatives are willing to go with it. I have never seen a case of more glaring cognitive dissonance.

But let’s face it, conservative dissonance is a thing.

We have conservative dissonance on the economy. The same numbers that were great under Reagan were horrible under Clinton and Obama. Doubling the debt under Obama because the disastrous handling of the economy and unfunded wars under W was horrible while a 188% increase under Reagan was merely the cost of doing business.

A businessman who spent more time in bankruptcy court than anywhere else is a success, but a constitutional lawyer doesn’t know anything about the Constitution.

We could go on and on with a list of things that are an outrage to Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly (sounds like an ambulance chaser law firm… if you are butthurt because liberal social and economic ideas work, call us at the spin-firm of Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly and we will spin a lie to keep you from seeing the twatwaffle you really are), but that is not the conservative dissonance of the day.


It is the willful acceptance and ignorance of the potential that we have at least one if not more people holding vital Federal office thanks to the interference by a foreign power that is a mortal enemy of the United States.

Trump has all but admitted it, his son (showing us that money and privilege do NOT buy a brain) admitted it, heck even Putin has admitted it.

Yet, the Trump supporters are unwilling to even entertain the idea that they were duped to give the keys to the White House to the Kremlin.

For a long time, I thought it was ego. After all, who wants to admit that they were taken for a ride. I know that in their shoes, I would be wary of accepting that idea.

But we have gone beyond the point of just a political spin. We have gone beyond a point of reasonable doubt and have entered the realm of exactly how deep this involvement went. It is likely that we have a Republican majority in both houses and most state houses simply because of Russian involvement.

The Republican Party by refusing to even entertain the possibility or even convene a single hearing have cast themselves as part of a cover-up that goes beyond the pale. By refusing to accept any evidence or act on it, they have cast a shadow on their legitimacy to any state or national office won by the GOP in 2016.

Let’s be honest, if in 2012 there was even a HINT of foreign collusion by the Obama administration, we would have had daily hearings until January 20, 2017, and they would probably still be using electron microscopes to investigate.

Their silence on this issue is telling. Either they are putting their party over the security of the country; or they know it is true and feel that by not investigating it, that the issue will go away and they will not have to act.

In the end, by not demanding answers, by not demanding investigations, forget smoke… by not seeing the forest fire, it is not just the White House, not just Congress, but every conservative in the country that is guilty of collusion with Vladimir Putin.

But her emails, though……

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