First Church of the Tea Party

Upton Sinclair once stated, “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

He must have seen America in 2017 when he said that.

Today we have a group of Americans that have found a way to meld Christianity and Americanism into a new religion that preached hate disguised as love and oppression disguised as freedom. It is as if George Orwell had decided to write a bible.

This is not a slam at Christianity or Republicans as a whole, but a faction that has found a way to pervert good for evil purposes.

These “patriots” have taken the Constitution and etched it into stone, all while defying the Founding Fathers. And like how they cherry pick which phrases of the Bible to selectively believe in, they have likewise cherry picked the Federalist Papers, quotes of the Founders and even going as far as inventing quotes to push on the American people as the new religion of Conservative Jesus.


Welcome to the First Church of the Tea Party.

A church that considers any attack on their political views to be trampling their freedom of religion. No amount of reason or evidence will sway their position or belief. They act as if Breitbart, Fox, and Infowars are they modern prophets of God; and that Beck, Limbaugh and Alex Jones are saints spreading their gospel of hate and intolerance.

We now face a growing faction of the Republican Reich Wing that views any opposition to its views or their theocratic vision of America as persecution of their religious faith. Unless they reserve the right to persecute others or pass invasive laws on others, they scream that they are the victims of Christian persecution. This is a recipe for disaster and what religious wars are made of.

This religion has fused intense nationalism with religious fanaticism. To make them accept other faiths right to worship, they become angry. To force them to accept the equal protection of races and demographics that they fear and hate is akin to religious persecution in their eyes. Any attempt at suggesting that they somehow must respect anything or allow anything that does not fit their narrow worldview is violating their rights.

And only their rights matter to them. To suggest otherwise is the same a blasphemy in their church.


Why should be worried about the First Church of the Tea Party?

In 1917, less than 5 percent of the Russian people were Bolsheviks, yet they became the ruling party. They launched the USSR. In 1933 when Hitler became Chancellor, the Nazi Party were a minority party, yet through subterfuge and intrigue, Hitler became the sole leader of Germany and plunged the world into the horrors of World War 2.

More in line with this American Taliban, in 1979, the Iranian faction that took over after the Shah was deposed, was also a minority. Most that celebrated and took part in the revolution were revolting against the corruption in Tehran, not for a Fundamentalist Islamic State.

The First Church of the Tea Party knows full well that they do not need to be in a majority. They only need to draw districts to ensure victory. Once they have a majority of state governments, they only need pass laws to make it harder for those opposed to them to vote. Once they are firmly entrenched, they can start to dismantle the secular state envisioned by our Founding Fathers and impose their ideology on the rest of us.

They are well along on that goal. The walls of Church and State are crumbling. Churches make billions that are tax-free, and the Tea Party led Congress is pushing to allow churches to endorse and campaign for candidates without having to report where the money comes from or without fear of reprisal. Some states are even looking at allowing churches to organize their own police departments.

This is what both Jefferson and Madison feared the most.

The Church of the Tea Party and their twisted perversion of Christianity and America is perhaps just as big a threat to American ideals and freedom as ISIS, if not more. The members pray for a civil war to allow them to kill who they consider heretics and blasphemers in their belief system.

This should terrify any real patriot.

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