The Pretenders

I want to talk about an issue that is very near and dear to my heart.

Pretend Democrats.

Now, this article is not in the slightest aimed at Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders, that election is long over. Instead, it is about democrats that think they are smarter than the voter. The candidates who hold the electorate in contempt and think that the average voter is lucky to have the person running.

Sadly, we see it on every level of the party, from local County and City elections all the way up to the nationals.

The ones that start off talking the Democratic talking points and ideas in the primary, only to move away from it in the general.  Having been a candidate, I understand that sometimes the party platform is a bit to the left of the average voter.

But more often than not, it is what the public wants to hear. Desperately needs to hear.

The American people want responsible government. They want one that works for them and not the special interest. They want results from their tax dollars.

An overwhelming number of Americans favor health care reform and are interested in having the talk on single payer.

They want their infrastructure to work so they can travel without fear of our outdated system collapsing.

They want a quality education system.

Want to ensure that Social Security is solvent.

Most Americans want the fairness that the New Deal and Camelot promised.

They want Democrats to run, but unfortunately, they are left with Republican Lite.

Somewhere along the way, focus groups and high paid consultants convinced them that the electorate at large rejects the Democratic Banner. That what we have on our platform is somehow unpalatable to the Average Voter.

I think some high priced consultants need to give all the Democrats they destroyed a refund.

The people desperately want the Democratic Party to run.

But cycle after cycle we have cookie cutter candidates that give off the step away from the platform empty suits.

We as Democrats clamor for the next FDR, the next JFK.

But look at it, we have candidates who are soft on our issues. Afraid to talk about guns, afraid to talk about abortion, education, jobs, and the great promise that our party is pledged to stand for in our platform.

But we run away from a fight.

As I said in an earlier article, we must be unapologetic of who we are and what we stand for. The voter can forgive a few disagreements on stance, but they see right through this smoke and mirrors of not taking a tough stand.

When a Democratic Candidate for Governor in one speech talks about safety, then to appease the right wing states they are for open carry. The voter sees through that.

When a state rep talks about vouchers and gutting the public school system because a push poll tells them that the voter wants it. The voter sees through that too.

My advice to Democrats who are running is simply this, there are Democratic voters out there hoping for a candidate to support. Begging to get one.

But when they see the Democrat trying to appeal to Republicans, why should they vote for the Democrat?

If you are a candidate is willing to abandon the ideals of the party as a candidate, why trust them with the office? And until we are unapologetic to our platform and who we are, then the party will have a resurgence.

We neet to stop encouraging pretenders to the Democratic label.



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