Political Posturing or Armed Conflict?


This blog was one that I did not start writing. In fact, this blog was originally going to be about Sam Nunberg. While I was going to different sites and watching the clips of his interviews, I also got curious about how Fox and the Right were playing this meltdown.

That is when this blog idea came to me and demanded I write it.

I am a student of history, from prehistoric to modern times, the interaction, the dynamics, the greatness humanity has achieved fills me with pride. To think that in 7 million years, our species has come from humble origins to reach to the stars.

But that is not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about the threat of violence in our political world. I grew up with Reagan as President. In my 20s I lived under Clinton. Back in those years, there was reactionary politics; but those fringe candidates that clung to racial superiority pushed for violence, screamed from the darkness about an unseen enemy that lurked in the shadows were laughable.

A candidate for office would have been laughed out of the building for thinking let alone saying what today is considered mainstream politics.

We have today the NRA, who went from responsible gun ownership to a domestic terrorist group that practically salivates over the next mass shooting. And on the subject of mass shootings, no reasonable person would oppose making it a little harder to stop the deaths of innocent people.

But now we see companies marketing door locks for schools in case of an “active shooter” scenario. Complete and mind-boggling bull crap, think about it for a second; some people are so determined to cling to their guns, that they are willing to talk about or suggest ANY measure except the most common sense.

And that is making guns a little harder to get. Enforcing guns laws, closing the loopholes that exist on gun ownership; making it harder for criminals to buy one. Think about this, the right has no problem selling a gun to a person that the government has listed as a terrorist risk and not able to get on an airline.

They are saying that it is okay to sell a potential terrorist a gun, just not let him buy a ticket on an airline.


This is what the NRA and the ammosexual rights advocates are saying.  “We consider our abiltiy to buy a gun worth more than you child’s life.”

Oh, they hem and haw over the issue; they scream that now is not the time to talk about gun laws. They accuse the left of using the most recent mass shooting to be disrespectful of the dead.

To me, I think that it is more disrespectful not to try and change things. I think that it is sacrilege that a gun advocacy group would use the dead to gag the voice for reasonable gun regulations in one breath and then in the next push more gun sales and bullet sales.

The NRA is less these days about responsible gun ownership and more about creating an environment where more guns are introduced to the public.

The NRA is both the cause and the solution. They use an instance of a violent gun death to scare the public into buying a gun for protection from the next case of gun violence caused by the sell of gun that they promoted ownership for.

It would be like Philip-Morris not only selling cigarettes but also investing in lung cancer treatment centers.

I put forward this premise, that our 30k plus gun deaths are not the cause of rock and roll, or video games, or Hollywood, or even a lack of religion in schools.

It is the premeditated and orchestrated plan of the NRA and gun manufacturers to promote the disease of gun violence and the cure of pushing more weapons on the streets.

Think about it. It is the perfect con. A criminal buys a gun through legal or illegal means. He robs a store or commits a mass shooting. The public, of course, is scared and a responsible person would logically buy a way to defend himself. So the gun industry has created more sales.

Of course, quickly law enforcement finds itself outgunned, and they talk to the government to buy heavier firepower, more protection. And what a coincidence, it happens to be from the same companies that sold the first gun.

Top it all off, people become afraid when a politician talks about gun issues. And the NRA cannot have that, so they say that gun regulation is the first step of gun confiscation. The pathway to a dictatorship. We see the memes comparing Hitler and Stalin and the fact they supported gun control as well.

The thought scares people into going out and buying, you guessed it, even more, guns.

Looks like some CEO is getting his bonus this quarter.

There is blood on the hands of the NRA and the Gun Industry. These MErchants of Death are the single greatest domestic terrorist organization in America today.

And we need to act before the ungodly body count goes higher





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