A god blessed gun


There is a time when you see a news item, that you begin to question not only the sanity of the world but your’s as well. That happened to me just the other day.  The title was,

Worshippers clutching AR-15 rifles hold a commitment ceremony

Think about that. Then think about it again.

Now before I go one, let me make it clear, I am not talking about the guy that buys guns for his protection of for hunting; the guy that keeps them locked in his gun safe and understands the awesome power of a firearm to protect life and to take a life.

Those people are perfectly rational and should not be bothered, they probably support many gun safety laws. They are usually more in favor of laws that keep guns out the hands of those who should not be carrying anything sharper than crayons.

I am talking about the ones that have had the AR-15 replaced the Cross as a religious icon

In a house of God, ammosexuals baptized their guns. Not just any type of gun, the AR-15. Now, I know that before I go on, some 2nd Amendment zealot is going to insist that there is some god given right to possess a weapon that can mow down several of God’s children with the pull of a trigger.

No amount of argument will dissuade those people of that line of thinking.

The fact that they would take a weapon into a house of worship to a being that preached peace, love, and tolerance to be blessed says all that there can ever be said about these people.

To them, they not only expect a civil war between fellow Americans, they relish the thought, they hope and pray for that day.

These ammosexuals who brought a military style weapon to a church to be blessed like crusaders of Medieval Europe had their swords blessed, these modern day wannabe knights are like children on Christmas Eve, they cannot wait to use these weapons on anyone, American of Foreign that they see as a threat.

They cannot wait to offer a blood sacrifice of who they call sinners to a god that hates the same people as they do.

To us, it is a no-brainer, military grade weapons have no business on the streets, even in the hands of collectors. We understand that the idea of the social compact rational, intelligent beings do when they live in a community: the idea that for the greater good, that some of our freedoms must be yielded to the state and the community as a whole for the greater good.

We surrendered the right to lynch people who wronged us with the understanding that the state would do it on our behalf. We accepted that to a large degree that since the police would enforce the laws of a just society and that large-scale weaponry was not necessary.

Even the Second Amendment as it was interpreted until very recently was read that way. The “well-regulated militia” part was the stickler for most of the last 200 years of the Constitution. The idea, that the men owning these firearms, would make himself ready for local or national defense.

Which brings me to the second point, those who consider the AR-15 worthy of being blessed, cite the idea of defending themselves from a tyrannical government. These are the same people who vote Tea Party and swear to god that they love and support our troops.

But, they then say that they need that AR-15 to kill as many of those US servicemen as possible when it becomes necessary.

So here is the problem, we are trying to use rational thinking and arguments with people that have tied their owning of a gun to their religious belief.  We must deal with people that can see Parkland and Sandy Hook with the loss of children and use that as an excuse for MORE guns, or acceptable collateral damage.

These are people that have found a rationalization for Las Vegas and Aurora and all the 30,000 plus gun-related deaths each year and call that the price of freedom. They are a minority of the citizens in the country, but they are more vocal and as long as they vote in greater numbers and are organized in better ways, lawmakers will continue to cave to the NRA, America’s largest domestic terrorist organization.

For this of us in favor of sane gun laws, we have to decide, have we had enough, or are we stuck in a perpetual “thoughts and prayers” cycle?


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