Texas in play?


It is weird to even be talking about Texas going purple or blue. In the last three cycles, I have felt like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, only to have it snatched away. Democratic candidates and voters seem to campaign hopefully and with vigor.

Only to let it slip away.

2012 was the year that we would ride President Obama’s coattails, he was the closest to the Republican than any other Democrat had polled in a generation.

We were hopeful, but there was nothing that the down-ballot could grab on to. So people like Ted Cruz won by large margins.

Then there was 2014. We had a great champion in Wendy Davis.

Unfortunately, her campaign was not run correctly. I thought she could have done better. She came to Beaumont at an event and was versed in women’s rights and equal pay. Sadly, she was not given information to allow her to be knowledgeable on local issues. Had she spoke in Beaumont about the Ike Dyke, improved infrastructure and more high paying jobs, She would have resonated with voters

We had a chance, and we let it slip away.  The state did a wonderful job of registering a record number of new voters. It fell short in one aspect, we did not give the same attitude to getting the voters to the polls.

2016, we came so close to flipping the state for Hillary Clinton.

In very RED Texas, I went to a rally for Bernie Sanders, I was amazed, they had to keep changing the venues, for the simple reason that they needed more space. A Democratic Socialist in Texas was able to bring crowds of several thousand people to hear his vision.

Then we gave the race away. We did not follow through with our voter base, We did not support candidates that could have won, with a little more resources.

And we lost again.

So why should 2018 be any different? There is the old adage, hope springs eternal.  In 2018 we have more candidates than ever before running. The conservative side of voters is disillusioned at the moment. Trump has every normal person in this country weary of what bluntly looks like a dictator in the making.

There are a great number of Republican congressmen stepping down.Opening the door for Democratic candidates. There is enthusiasm amongst the left-leaning Texans

The best the Democratic Party can hope for in 2018, is a slight increase in seats won. If they continue their efforts.

The real challenge will be turning that enthusiasm into voters. We are great at registering voters; we have no problem finding people to protest or march in rallies.

We fail in following up.

Until that happens the best the Left can do in Texas is turn it purple.


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