Support MUST be earned





Here we are, about a week before the Primary Election day, and in the final few days of early voting. In many cases, we have an idea of who will win their party’s nomination and who will be left planning for the next election.

In a sense, it is much like the final days of the pennant races for baseball’s playoffs.

We have many candidates that lucked out and had no primary opponents; these races are both a plus and a minus. On one hand, you have a candidate that has been able to raise funds for the general.

On the other, you have to accept the fact that the candidate without a primary opponent is not the best choice for your party.

It is those candidates that I would like to focus on. The ones that were not vetted properly, who will go on to November and ultimately lose, since they did not have the challenge in the primary.

Let me be perfectly honest, having been a candidate three times and having lost all 3 races in the general without a primary opponent, I feel that my ability to raise funds and be more battle-hardened cost me those victories.

And my overconfidence, I was able to convince myself that a shoestring budget could defeat the other side with ease. I acted as if I had already won.

That is the death nod of a campaign.

When you take for granted the votes, you are sure to lose.

And we in this cycle, have these candidates on both sides of the aisle. And you know the ones I am talking about. The arrogant and narcissistic candidates that act as if they are doing you a favor by running.

We have all seen them. The ones that are running because it is “their turn.” The ones that feel that they have the right to order you around because they are the candidate. The ones that feel that when you interact with them on social media or in person, they take it personally because their egos are too fragile to take criticism.

But most importantly, they feel that you are obligated to vote for them because they have the title “Democratic Nominee” behind their name.

To me, those are the most dangerous of candidates.

The ones that feel we owe them something. The ones that dismiss our concerns, that always have to be right. The ones that are toxic to the whole ticket.

As a progressive, I do not feel compelled to vote for a candidate if they have not earned my vote.  My vote is a sacred honor not to be cheaply bestowed to a candidate whose best argument is, at least I am not that guy in the other party.

I feel votes are earned. It is earned in the way the candidate interacts with the public. I am turned off by candidates that gloat, that attacks each other out of some vendetta. We already have too many of them.

I want a candidate that has a realistic vision for their turn in office. What they can actually deliver to the office. I feel that if the candidate cannot talk about the potholes and street lamps, then I am not interested in your factories that you will someone lure to the area.

I want real answers.

I do not want a candidate want a candidate that is only interested in winning. We have too many toddlers in office to elect more. Compromise will be the best approach in local government. The “winner take all” attitude is tired, old, and cliche.

As a progressive, I do not owe allegiance to vote or support a candidate that does not speak to me or does not have earned my vote.

I can always leave it blank.

So, my friends, break the cycle of narcissism in office. Ask the hard questions. Demand answers. Do not fall for a candidate’s smooth rhetoric. We, as a people, deserve better, and will not see better candidates until we do.

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