Who Am I by Sheila Satchitano

Sheila Satchitano has worn many hats in SouthEast Texas. She has been a teacher, a founder of Progressive Democrats of South East Texas and the County Chair of the Democratic Party of Jefferson County Texas. Many Candidates and elected Democrats are blessed too have been helped and mentored by her over the years.

She is now speaking out about this horrid Tax Overhaul that will leave our nation in ruin.

Who Am I?


I was designed and produced in the back halls of power by a small, experienced group of partisan artisans to ensure that I was greeted with cheers of joy and satisfaction from the buyers on the day of my reveal. I was crafted with immense care and detail to eliminate opposition input, to adhere to the law, and to avoid any press or public criticism before my great “debut”.

On the day of my great “reveal”, I was promoted as a needed boon to the economy of my country and as an asset to the middle-class worker. However, minor alterations were needed in my composition to “buy enough votes” to ensure my hasty passage through the Halls of Power. My hasty reveal and crowning were carefully engineered to prevent prolonged, intense scrutiny of the fabric and content of my design and to prevent any opposition to my crowning because hidden within my folds are huge bounties that will fall on the titans of corporate America and the wealthiest 1% of America.

These “bounties” will delight the God of Ego and the partisan’s donors, who must be appeased at all costs because they fund their elections. Unfortunately, embroidered within my folds are designs which will increase my country’s deficit by $1.5 trillion, ill increase the healthcare costs for millions of Americans, and will over time eliminate health care for 13 million Americans. Of course, these are just minor design flaws, which can be corrected next year when the partisans “reform entitlements”.

Overall, I am a wonderful work of art. Who am I? The new GOP tax cut law: America’s latest law of the land, which has a public disapproval rating of 60%. Obviously, government textbook writers are going to have to revise the section on “How A Law is Passed in America”.

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