For He Who We Shall Not Name

I never thought I would say that my President is a narcissistic bully.

But, over six months into his Presidency, there is no doubt about it, Donald J Trump is a narcissist and a bully.

Having run for office, and having met so many candidates and elected officials, I have to admit that there is a level of vanity and narcissism in most politicians. But Trump is unique. He feeds off of it. No matter how bad the coverage is, no matter what the fallout is, Trump has only one requirement to have a good day. That the people talk about him and engage him.

In that way, he is the Toddler-in-Chief, an over grown and over-bearing child that wants and craves attention.

When the press covers his Twitter tirades, when we mention his name on Facebook to the point he is a trending topic, when there is response after response to him on Twitter we feed into his toddler-like needs for attention.

Our attention is his blankie and pacifier. At 70 years of age, his ego and vanity are much like a 3-year-old.

And it is the time that we stop feeding it.

When I saw the Harry Potter movies, I could not at the time understand why the people in the magic realm refused to name Voldemort. To me, it was like they were hoping that if he ignored him, he would go away. After all, if there were a menace as big as Voldemort, then it only made sense to be vigilant and call him out for the evil that he is.

Then I realized, it was not so much as a hope that not naming him, as the realization that by not mentioning him, you took away a bit of his power over you. By not giving the bully the satisfaction that he craves, you take away his power over you and his ability to control your life.

That is what we must do with Trump.

We must stop following and commenting on his Twitter. Stop him from trending on Facebook by refusing to share any story about Trump, and do not mention him in a post by name. By taking away his stage away, we show him and his followers that we do not respect whatever authority he has. That we do not give his Presidency any legitimacy. We should do the same for any elected official that supports him with the same cold shoulder.

The hardest way to campaign for election or reelection is when you have no name recognition. By taking that away, we the people send a message that is impossible to ignore. Silence is not consent, it is robbing tyrants of a stage and legitimacy. It is the strongest weapon we have. When we act as if they do not exist, we send the largest scream of passive resistance. We take away their power and their ability to spread their hate.

I had wished that my first piece here would have been about something of more substance, but after Trump has launched his attack on dissenting media I felt that I had to speak out.

From this point on, he is not the President, or Trump, or the White House. He and his Administration will forever be referred to in my lexicon as Trumpemort or “He that shall not be named.”

I am sure J.K Rowling will forgive me.

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